Christianity and Islam STUDENT BOOK

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Christianity and Islam by Ronn Kerr is a unique new study for a unique time. Each chapter covers a major area of the world's two largest religions, comparing and contrasting them in a way that brings greater understanding of each. Written for Christian adults and older youth that have little knowledge of Islam other than what they have seen in the news, this study aims at providing a general understanding of the differences and similarities between these two great religions.

This popular study is divided into the following thirteen weekly sessions: 1. The World's Two Largest Religions, 2. Jesus and Muhammad, the Early Years, 3. Jesus and Muhammad, the Ministry Years, 4. Jesus and Muhammad, the Conflicts, 5. Apostles and Caliphs, 6. Schisms and Denominations, 7. The Bible and the Quran, 8. Pillars of Faith, 9. Religious Leadership and Worship, 10. Primary Theological Beliefs, 11. Culture and the Role of Women, 12. Violence and Warfare, and 13. The Future of Christianity and Islam.

The study takes neither a "how-to-convert-Muslims" nor a "we're-all-the-same" approach. It provides students with a greater appreciation of both Jesus and Muhammad, both the New Testament and the Quran, and both Christianity and Islam. One of the most common comments from students who have taken the course is that they learned a lot about Islam and just about as much about their own faith!

The study also comes with an extensive 100-page Leader's Guide -- loose-leaf and 3-hole punched so that it can be easily distributed to various session leaders without having to make sure the Leader's Guide gets to the right person every week. The Leader's Guide contains substantial background material from the New Testament and the Quran as well as extensive text, leadership suggestions, and creative discussion starters for each session.

In addition to this extensive Leader's Guide there are also 13 PowerPoint Shows with a total of 359 animated text frames, poignant pictures, and map frames plus a 59-page PowerPoint Teaching Guide with commentary on each frame either in a PDF file on the CD Rom or in a 56-page printed format.

This thirteen-week course is a perfect substitute for those quarters when dated studies like the International Lesson Series just don't work. When that time comes, try Christianity and Islam for thirteen weeks and then go back to your regular studies.

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